Monday, 16 May 2011


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After only releasing cd’s n mp3’s we are stoked to announce the release of our next single and first ever 7” vinyl, HIT THE FLOOR! It will be limited to 300 lovingly made screen printed sleeves by the one and only MEGA-BABE-ARTIST Harriet Bridgwater ( The official release date is June 13th and you can pre-order these beauties from Ken Douche over at OR /// OR buy them off of us at one of our shows with the immense Three Trapped Tigers!!!

It was recently featured upon the Q magazine website so if you have’nt heard it yet, you can NOW here

OR buy the mp3 off of Itunes here

Here are the dates we are playing far and wide over the UK in the upcoming months!

16th May – Cambridge, Portland Arms (with TTT)
18th May – Birmingham, Hare & Hounds (with TTT)
19th May – London, Buffalo Bar (with TTT)
20th May – Liverpool, Sound City Festival
21st May – Glasgow, Stag & Dagger (with TTT)
22nd May – Newcastle upon Tyne, Head Of Steam (with TTT)
23rd May – Manchester, Night And Day (with TTT)
24th May – Sheffield, The Harley (with TTT)
25th May – Leeds, Nation Of Shopkeepers (with TTT)
26th May – Preston, Mad Ferret (with TTT)
27th May – Bristol, Start The Bus (with TTT)
28th May – Brighton, Elizabeth Manor House, Meadowlands Festival
31st May – London, Cargo (with TTT)
1st July – Bournemouth, Sixty Million Postcards
9th July – Reading, Outside Inside Festival
10th July – London, Vibe Bar, Sweet Beans Festival
15th July – Cheltenham, 2000 Trees Festival
22nd July – Tunbridge Wells, The Forum
2.rd July - Sheffield, Tramlines Festival
24th July – Birmingham Off The Cuff @ The Flapper And Firkin
25th July – Leeds, The Well
5th August – Little Somerford, Fieldview Festival
6th August – Callington, Knee Deep Festival
9th September – Isle Of Wight, Bestival

We have also printed the FINAL run of our first EP numbered 750-1000 which is in our eyes pretty fucking incredible 1000 copies….. Mental.

These again are available from our

On top of all this we have finally got our own brand spanking new website

It was designed by our friend and fellow Canadian adventurer artist Todd Atticus whom we collaborated with on the Plate Tectonics video which you can watch here

We have also finally had some photo’s taken of us by the wonderful Stacey Hatfield where we don’t look like complete plebs but rather a proper moody ‘band’ n that so they will follow shortly but go check her website out. It has some truly gorgeous photographs upon it

And finally upon all of this we would like to give a big shout out to Matthew GRIMBLE. He is a wizard. A technological wizard whom we spent 3 days in a studio with setting up our new snazzy//techy//ridiculous live set up which we will now be touring with!!!! No more keyboards through guitar amps! Added vocal looping possibilities!! COLOURED TAPE!!! We cant wait to play through it for ya’ll.

Anyways after a huge email of wittering on about ourselves we hope all is well in your various camps and looking forward to catching you at one of our many shows we got lined up!!!!!

Big Love Ric, Matt and Jamie x x x x

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