Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Huw Stephens - the bear + EP news = MLOLZ

Hello there chaps and chapettes,

Soooo... Firstly were on tour with Minus the bear and Brontide! last night in Edinburgh was amazing and now off to Sheffield tonight @academy 2 and then London Scala Thursday!!!

Secondly... tonight our live Maida vale session is being aired on the HUW STEPHENS show on Radio 1,1,1,1 tonight between 9 and 10pm and the late show at 12-2 am!
look out for some live stuff some new stuff some old stuff, some acapella craig david and some general chit chat!

Thirdly EP news... The new EP is almost mastered so were anxiously waiting for those to come back. and The first Ep has sold out in red and we have now moved onto 500-750 and the next primary colour of yellow... go to bsmrocks/shop for the new yellow tote bags, ep and t shirts!! or go to to check our dates and get the personal touch... matt gives great hugs!!

thats all for now!!

ts xxx

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