Sunday, 21 February 2010

Some EP Launch Raunch...

Thank you so so much to everyone who came along and made this such a wicked night.

Big up

On Histories of Rosenberg - LEGENDS

Wilson Fisk - The most wonderful group involving four men to ever exist -

Owen Davey - Our long time friend and king of the acoustic guit ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Clinic - Our favourite wordsmiths ever.

Dirty Daves Diabolical Disco. What a beauty. Phil Collins was SICK.

Todd- For taking all the beautiful pics you see above!

Harriet - For everything!!!!! Bunting, and the most ridiculous cake you have ever ever seen.

Gemma - for manning the first ever merch table we have had like a champion

Everyone who came and made it such a fun night!

Oh and the sicko science houseparty hosted by the beautiful people on North Street!

Tubelord Tour Pics coming up shortly!!!!


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